29 March 2017


Hotel Dieu, Beyrouth, Lebanon

This video illustrates how to perform a subfacial breast augmentation with a peri areolar approach

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2 thoughts on “Subfacial Breast Augmentation with implant

  1. dr imran azam says:

    whats the price of implant….
    and please describe the complication of it

    1. Warren Noel says:

      Price of the implants depends on several factors but mean price is around 500e for both.
      Complications are plenty but quite rare. Most frequent complication amongst early post operative phase is a hematoma and early infections. Those are rare. Actually the most frequent complication is the insatisfaction of the patient, concerning the shape and the size of the results.
      Late complications are capsular contracture issues and implant break.

      Thanks for your comment and follow us on youtube and instagram

      Dr Noel

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