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Wikiplastic mission - sharing medical knowledge between physicians and rasing the level of medical skills around the world - is supported by the elite of the medical community.

Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group is a private, not-for-profit private healthcare institution. It is the result of the merger in 2006 of three Catholic establishments founded in the XIXth century, Saint Joseph, Saint Michel and Notre Dame de Bon Secours, grouped today on the same site. It has the status of recognized foundation of public utility. The Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation is responsible for the reception and care of patients in the application and improvement of therapeutic techniques in a spirit of evangelical devotion and respect for conscience.

The Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery is one of the most important in Paris with 8 Senior Plastic surgeons and 6 Interns specialized in Plastic Surgery. With two operating rooms for general anesthetic procedures and one operating room for local anesthetic procedure, a classical hospitalisation and an ambulatory department.

Group for Advancement In Plastic Surgery (GAPS), an association of plastic surgeons and other border specialists (ENT, maxillo etc.), with the aim of innovation and technological improvement. Technology has made leaps and bounds of giants in a few years. Plastic surgery will also live a technological revolution that will radically change our practice. GAPS has June’s annual meeting in France with the greatest experts.


Breast reconstruction and aesthetic congress which is held every two years at Institut Curie in Paris, France. Next edition in 2019.


Founded by the Union of the Wounded of the Face and the Head and then Recognized of Public Utility on April 11, 2001, its aim is to support institutions of any kind focusing primarily on the trauma of the face and It is advised by a scientific committee composed of eminent physicians, chaired by Professor Philippon - member of the National Academy of Medicine. It distributes scholarships and financial aid to teams of researchers and offers equipment to institutions specializing in cranio-maxillofacial traumatology and the treatment of sequelae.

Medical and surgical techniques, equipment and products are evolving at an ever faster pace, spurring practitioners to constantly update their practice, to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care.

Existing training possibilities, be they conventions, UPRs or Master classes, only partially meet their needs, especially in terms of medical practices.

The perfect solution for maximal efficiency is tailored, on-site training alongside expert practitioners - exactly what INVIVOX is proposing.