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Breast reduction: inverted-T technique with superior pedicle

P. Levan MD, R. Billon MD / Hôpital Saint Joseph Paris / 5 years ago / 6077 views
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The video demonstrates the preoperative markings and the surgical procedure for reduction mammoplasty with inverted-T incision and superior pedicle. Although avowed goals of this procedure are weight and volume reduction of the breast, aesthetic enhancement is often equally important....

Botulinum toxin for neck rejunevation

Philippe Levan / 5 years ago / 1593 views
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Botulinum toxin can be used to treat platysmal bands and improve lower face tissue ptosis. We describe here a safe, reliable and minimal invasive technique for the treatment of the neck and the lower face. The results can be seen starting the second day after the procedure and lasts up to 6 months....